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    I can't believe this isn't bigger news and on precentral's front page. Verizon's hotspot app (yes, tethering) is now FREE for a Palm device!!! No more $40/month!! You can tether OFFICIALLY for FREE with Palm only!

    Palm needs to put out an ad NOW. They finally have something that the iPhone can't do even in a small way.

    Verizon Mobile Hotspot on webOS devices now free, Pre Plus and Pixi Plus fall to $49.99 and $29.99 -- Engadget
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    It was front page news -- last week -- when it was first announced.
    It is great for Palm.
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    LOL, sorry. I was away last week.

    Still, if I were Palm, I'd have had an advertising blitz ready for this. Just like Sprint's add showing an iPhone user surfing on Sprint, I'd show the Palm Pre Plus enabling a business team to all use their laptops in a presentation and on the road (and the iPhone, etc).
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    Yeah, just wish Sprint would get on that band wagon too. An "official" way to tether would be great!
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    Has anyone add this to an existing verizon account? How did you do it? Online?
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    Quote Originally Posted by foush View Post
    Has anyone add this to an existing verizon account? How did you do it? Online?
    Easy to do, just goto your Verizon account online and click the box. Done!
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    I emailed Dan Hesse last week about this. Received a call from "his office." Bottom line - There are no immediate plans to offer Mobile Hot Spot with the Pre (also, I think I read somewhere that Verizon has this locked up for 3G phones). At a minimum Sprint should offer the Mi-Fi for free to current Palm Pre owners

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