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    I am in great need of help. I went through 3 pre's and I had enough. I had jumped ship and went to the htc hero, but lo and behold, I missed my pre. I have come back, but now I am realizing new problems. I cannot access my homebrew apps. I select my file coaster and it says that it has located 3oo and some apps, but it stops there. It freezes and doesn't load.

    Camera - after the update, my camera constantly freezes. It goes to a black screen and then I have to shut the camera off. Then when I go back into the camera, it says cannot take picture. I love the photos that the pre takes and during our Easter egg hunts yesterday, I only was able to get 1 -2 pics because of the freezing. And what about video? It only takes 10 seconds of video?

    Now the charging. The phone is not charging. it plugs in but it won't charge. What do I do?

    Thanks for any help that anyone can give.
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    I would use webOS Doctor on your phone if you can. Sounds like it's pretty messed up. Definitely pull the battery and see if that helped before trying webOS Doctor. It's possible your charger is messed up. Have you attempted to plug the phone into the USB slot on your computer and charge it that way?
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    thanks! I appreciate your help. It shows that it is charging, but when I take it off, it is the same spot. I would charge it 1/2 day so it should show something. I actually just took it in and they are ordering a new one/refurbished. I don't know if that is good or not.

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