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    so it appears I'm missing calls. I've got a Pre on Sprint with an Airave at home. a colleague from work tried to call me on Saturday, while I was at home sitting in the same room as my Airave, and my Pre never rang (and doesn't show a missed call). the same thing happened again yesterday when my dad tried to call me to wish me Happy Easter - I was sitting in the same room as the Airave, the phone didn't ring, and next thing I know I've got a Google Voice notification that I've got new voicemail.

    what is going on here? how do I begin to troubleshoot this and why is it happening? anyone else experiencing something similar? it's definitely not cool.
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    this is happening with or without airwave. Do a search and you will see a lot of other people are randomly missing calls with no notifications
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    Had this as well in 1.4.0. Could be the Rebel sim though, don't know..
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    It has happened to me a few times as well. I don't have an airave.
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    I never liked the airave, had 3 units and they all had flaws, in the beginning it helped but as time went on they got very buggy and stopped workin right, plus the outages were annoying ...ah well at least my pre works w.o at this point so I don't need the hassle

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