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    Just thought I would revive this thread to thank Floren again. I was able to use his method to reload mobile hotspot on my Bell Palm Pre doctored with 2.1! The ability to tether under Bell's generous allowance is the reason I will keep this phone until it literally falls apart.
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    strange how on rogers hotspot is available in the app catalogue. But with bell its not

    just shows you how its so carrier specific rather than country specific
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    Just tried the new freetether from webosinternals as I was looking for a simpler way to get back tethering after a doctor.
    While it workred with my WIN7 netbook and with my Vista laptop, I couldn't get it to establish an ip address with my android tablet.
    Once again, I am so thankfull to Floren for this method as it just simply works with everything.
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    hi there where can i find the rogers hotspot app in here?
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