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    When I was running 1.4 with the 800 mhz overclock patch, my pre ran at a cool 25C and maybe got a bit warmer after sitting on the touchstone. Now after upgrading to and clearing the overclock patch my pre gets REALLY hot(~42C) when I set it back on the touchstone and tends to freeze if I leave the phone on the TS over night.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas on what I should do? And any news on when the updated overclock patch will be released? (if I'm coming off as impatient/grateful I don't mean to be. :| )
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    As far as I read, the developer didn't release it due to problems with incompatibility and lack of testing due to the fairly new release. He didn't want to put unnecessary risk on Pre owners as far as I could tell.

    It would suck to be held responsible for the death of many Pres.

    On a side note, I remember reports of Touchstone temperature's being really high, but I wasn't aware of a fix except taking it off.
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    My suggestion would be to put the patch back on. When I read that the ipk would be delayed a bit I went ahead and installed the .sh file on my phone. It stays much cooler when in use and on the Touchstone overnight then it ever did before I applied 800 MHz.

    I did the patch completely from my phone. Here is the thread.

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