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    Yesterday, my wife's pre started acting up. Everytime that she touches the screen at all, the volume icon appears and covers the launcher icons. I already tried doctoring it and it was fine for a couple of hours, but now it started doing it again. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    This bug is not new to me. I've had it since 1.35 after installing a batch of patches and then doing a Luna restart after. So, I'm not sure which patch or combination of patches caused it if they did at all.
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    Oh yeah, I've had it since 1.4. I haven't played around with my new to see if the bug is there as well, but I always assumed the bug was somehow hardware related as my problem only started after my Palm Oreo went super-oreo
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    Actually her phone doesn't have any patches installed at all
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    bug should be gone after the latest update. Have you checked the update app to get ur pre to 1.4.1?
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    I got the bug after the 1.4 installation. Called 02 in the U.K and Palm (UK) and they both said it was a software problem and that if can't be resolved the 'phones gonna have to go back.

    My volume icon appears the volume then decreases to nothing the icon remains there covering the launcher icons and thus making operation of the phone itself a nightmare. The website promised that 1.4 would rid this bug , but as yet to no avail.
  7. #7 addressed this issue. I no longer have this bug. Make sure ur WebOS is updated.
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    it actually started after the update from sprint, and I doctored it with the newest doctor.
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    I'm having the same issue as Dushku2309, and it's only since (which I wasn't expecting, so it happened with all patches still on). I removed "Capture with all keys" and the issue persisted, so I just removed the virtual KB & am waiting to see if it recurs.
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    I got the volume bug when I first upgraded to 1.4, but i knew I was having a hardware issue since the headphone jack was sensitive to movement. Since I had my phone replaced, I haven't experienced the volume bug.

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