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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    But, the biggest decision for me was that any phone running Android will REQUIRE that MS-Exchange sync through Gmail. That's totally unacceptable to me. I actually can't believe that any company would let Android users sync with their company Exchange server for that reason.
    A truly incorrect statement. As of Android 2.0, there is a NATIVE Exchange support that does NOT go through Google in any way, shape, or form.
    Previous versions of Android prior to that didn't contain this Exchange support. A work around is to sync your Exchange Calendar to your GMail calendar, but this only works for calendar data.

    Of course, if your company uses Google Apps (enterprise GMail, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, etc.) then Google is running a hosted Exchange environment for your company.

    In addition to exchange support, Android also contains native GMail syncing (all versions of Android IIRC).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    The verizon goole maps certainly DOES have gps services. It works just like google maps on the iphone. You see your location as a dot on the map, and it moves as you move. What's missing is turn-by-turn voice prompts or directions.

    I've gone on record saying I won't use any phone as my turn-by-turn directions because it's not how/where I want my phone when driving. I have a nice garmin that does the job better than vzNavigator, etc. I've seen to much crazy driving from my iPhone and Droid friends when they use their phones for driving.
    Yes, but it doesn't work properly. It will show your location off by like 50 meters.

    I've used Google Maps for 2 years on my Blackberry and know exactly how the system works with Assisted GPS. I also had Sprint Navigation which is basically identical to VZ Navigator. I never used it (even though it was free in SERO), becase Google Maps was sufficient since I would read the directions and head (I do not NEED turn by turn guidance from a GPS because I have a brain), but I will use Google maps to locate me and redirect me when I go off course or have gone to an unfamiliar location.

    This is useless because Google Maps can't actually locate me on the Pre so I have to find intersections and scroll around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Temperature in the device menu so I can watch CPU temp
    Device Temperature warnings
    Data in device menu
    Charging alert vibration only
    4x4 icons
    Add/Delete Pages
    Hide App Vendors
    No Autorefresh after idle
    Notification repeat
    Phone no autoclose

    Just charge by default
    ^ Does that end the call when you close the slider? I noticed that the PRe doesn't do it and I have hit the button... very annoying.

    Also, why doesn't the phone have an option to lock itself when I close the slider? It wastes tons of battery life if I don't hit the power button to shut it down.

    The idle battery drain is ridiculous on this phone. If I do absolutely nothing, I think the battery will run down to 0 in a day. My Blackberry can be idle for a WEEK and still be at like 25%.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MJZ View Post
    Thank you! The up and down arrows made me assume the Launcher only scrolls up and down.
    i couldnt help but laugh
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    The Verizon Pre Plus is still on OS version 1.4, which is slow, buggy, and resets from time to time. Once Verizon take's it's sweet time reviewing 1.4.1 and lets Palm release it, it would be lightning fast and no more resets.

    One caveat, though: Google maps is still very slow.

    Also, the GPS issue seems to be a Pre Plus issue. The Sprint Pre GPS works great. Plus, Sprint Pres also got update right now.

    Maybe you should consider defecting back to Sprint for a Pre that works.
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    I returned my Pre yesterday and gave up.

    One day with a Moto Droid and I feel much better. No insane battery drain and basic things like GPS in Google Maps actually work. Faster is just icing so far.
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