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    im not too sure how else to explain what is going on. the phone itself doesn't actually freeze, but there are times where i would get 10 messages/alerts all at once that happened hours ago. i wouldn't get any of my alerts until i unlocked the phone. it annoys the hell out of me. this happened once before the 1.3.5 update. since the 1.4.1 update it has happened 3 times. what the f palm?
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    yes...It did happen to me a few times.

    My calls are missed and I dont receive SMS till I open the messaging app.
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    I'll just go ahead and say what the "herd" will come in here and say... "sounds like you need to visit the doctor" :sigh:

    On a more serious note, on my developer phone (the Pre is no longer my primary phone) I experience sluggishness and freezes quite frequently, I don't have any patches except for the 800Mhz, and it happened frequently before it as well.
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    A lot of people have had this problem. And, sadly, a trip to the dr doesn't always fix it. It has to do with the basic phone processes that are supposed to always be running in the backgroud - something is causing them to close. This causes missed calls, missed SMS, missed calendar alerts, missed clock alarms, etc, depending on which processes have shut down. You get the alerts for them once you open them up again. For some people, this also seems to be related to the random restarts when waking up the screen. If you install jstop from preware, you can keep an eye on these processes and see when they've turned off so you can reopen them. Or you can try doctoring. It worked for me, but not everyone. It's a bug that started with 1.4, but no one seems to have nailed down what exactly triggers it. Good luck.
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    yes been getting random freezing the screen turns black for about 30 seconds then everything works again. But onthe bright side my random restarts have decressed a lot to about one every 2 to 3 days
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    I have a 3pm alarm set up in the clock program that seems to go off once but the next day it doesn't....I won't get alerts then I open up sounds & ringtones and both sliders are turned all the way down! I also have times where the screen is turned off and it won't come back on after holding down power button, sliding ringer switch...then all of a sudden it'll Luna reboot! Been happening since 1.4
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    IT happens sometimes when i have more the 7 cards open and jumping between all of them doing copy and paste, and then a call comes it. the touch screen will not be responsive fast enough for me to catch the call

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