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    Howdy everyone,

    I am trying to find out if it is possible to edit a video on the pre and then transfer the edited video to my computer. I took a video today of my dogs in the pool that was about 1:11 min long. I wanted just the first 30 seconds of it, but I have no good video editing software on my computer. I edited it on the pre, and it showed up in the Video Roll as a separate file with the correct time length (30 sec) and a smaller file size. However, whenever I go into USB mode and look in DCIM > 100palm, there is no new video that is 30 seconds with the appropriate file size. The original 1:11 video is there, but not the one post-edit. Does the pre make an entire other file when you edit a video or does it just make a new icon and play whatever segment of the original file you edited? and if this is the case, what happens if you delete the original video?


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    I don't use the video camera much, so I just did a quick test. I took a 10 sec vid and cut it to 5 sec. Both files were in the /DCIM/100palm folder.

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