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    I have a palm pre, its network is o2. I don't know whether this is the problem or not but I seem to have a serious problem when trying to download QuickInstall. everytime I try to go through the steps outlined in order to download it I only get to the point where you're prompted to click yes and download WebOS Doctor. at the point where i click yes an error message comes up basically saying something along the lines of filenotfound and includes a link to precentral. i cant post it in this thread as its my first one.

    I have the correct version of Java installed and everything else needed, i just cant understand why the webosdoctor wont download, again though i suspect it has something to do with my palm not running on Sprint...

    Any feedback is very much appreciated, thank you
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    well don't have link for you but I am sure you can download webos doctor from a lot of places. just make sure its in the same folder where quickinstall is saved.

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