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    Is there a fix that I can do myself? I finally got a good keyboard and screen that I'm fine with and the slider mechanism is loose as a goose on it

    The slider wobbles left to right real bad and slides down lower than my other Pre Plus phones (you can feel the edge of the upper /screen portion at the bottom). If there's something I can do then I'll try it but I'm tired of swapping phones hoping to get a good one
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    Get the Sprint or Verizon hard case which will reinforce your slides. I like the Verizon version cuz it has a cut out in the back for the Touchstone.
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    I didn't really want to spend money on more accessories
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    the case is awesome, adds bulk to the phone but makes it sturdy as a tank
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    That sucks. I wouldn't want to buy accessories to make my phone functional either. It is a shame that you can't have a device just work the way it is supposed to. Now they want you to spend more money to fix a manufacturer's defect? That's insane.
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    instead of going to the store,call palm and tell them your slider wobbles really bad,and you would love to have them fix or replace it... That's why I did,got a refurbished one that as been tested,and now mine is as rock solid. Good luck.
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    I recall seeing a few threads on fixing the slider yourself. If you do a thread search, I'm sure you can find them.
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    I found a fix posted here late last night...sorry anything that involves me taking a hot glue gun to my phone is out the question lol.
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    So VZW is willing to replace it...but it still works. They will send another refurb and there's no guarantee that I won't get something similar. I may as well wait for this one to break I guess...
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    Quit playing with it to see how much it has an Oreo effect. I have a slight one that has never gotten worse.

    All the people I know who have some form of sliding phone have a slight oreo effect.
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    Oreo effect?
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    Oreo effect is the play the top of the phone has from the bottom of the phone. Kinda like the slider is loose

    I think this link still works (I'm at work and can't double check)

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