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  • I know more than 1 person who owns a pre

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  • I know 1 person that owns a pre

    45 23.08%
  • I know no one that owns a pre

    65 33.33%
  • My friends dont even have smart phones! (there lame)

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    Even since i have had my pre (since release yo) my friends and family have been like "what phone is that iv never seen that before" etc etc.

    Not one of my friends has one or even people that i know i dont even think i have seen someone on the train with it!

    So i was thinkin how many of you out there actually have friends and family that actually own pre's?!?
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    I know 2 people at work with Pre's, and my brother has one too. Not bad. I know 3 people with Android phones, and dozens with iPhones (losers).
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    I know four (forgot my least I tried. lol) people who have one. Two of my friends got them because of me. The third person already had one, but barely used it (he has multiple phones). Now he's crazy about it...again, because of me. I'm pretty persistent/persuasive, just in case that wasn't obvious.

    My Pre+ and I plan to take over the world and convert all of my friends and family! <insert evil laugh>

    ETA: I forgot to add that I have a co-worker that is waiting for his contract to expire so he can get a Pre+ with Verizon.
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    unfortunatly i think it isnt really the same atall over in the uk the iphone has had such a strangle hold on the smartphone market here for so long that it is basically known as the only popular smartphone! bad times fo sho
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    Since GSM Prer appeared in Gb, I tried to get one. I use it since november 2009. And a friend of mine got in love with Pre so I helped to buy one from Spain.
    Here in Chile (GSM) there's no support for it yet, but I hope soon we'll have it.
    Wonderful smartphone.
    BTW Rebel hasnt yet solved the issue that made sim cards die with webOS 1.4 and 1.4.1
    That issue made me suffer two weeks - Oh my gosh.!!!
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    I know none...

    I live in canada, and i haven't seen a single palm pre...

    Forget people i know, i haven't seen one, except in the states, and stores selling pres...

    I've never seen a pre in the streets that didn't belong to me...
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    3 people where I work have Pres, not even due to my conversion efforts
    I'm working on converting a couple Droid (and former Droid) owners to the Pre Plus.
    Theres this one guy with a G1 who refuses to give it up for some reason...
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    yeh i agree with ya tomi one of my mates has an iphone and he tried to show off his phone but i just showed him multitasking and he went quite haha
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    I have a Pre. A buddy at work was blown away by mine and got one and loves it.... and my girlfriend just recently got a Pre as well.

    I think I just convinced her brother to jump the blackberry ship and get one. I demoed my phone and he said... "ahhh my phone cant do that".
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    I know one person who owns a Pixi. Says he liked the keyboard better than the Pre because the top part of the phone makes it hard to type on the top row of keys.

    I have seen a few in the wild, but not too many.

    [BTW-@OP- you have a typo in the "there lame" comment in your poll. Should be "they're lame".]
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    i bought the pre on launch day. then slowly added 3 more to my immediate family within the next 5 months. now we have 4. my mom's next.
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    My brother and sister have one. Oh, and this one cat that's at the poetry spot all the time. But, that's it.
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    Me And 10 Other People In My Circle Own The Pre. Yes, I Put Them All On It And They All Love It (Except 1 Person, But Thats Cuz Nothing In The World Pleases Him)
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    To be honest i don't think it's popular, but i wish it to be.
    Here, in Germany i did not see any advertisement for the Pre.

    The phone is nice, but too far from the one of the best...
    The Pre Developers program is very complicated and non US people cannot create a developer account and that sux. Developers support board is lame, no real answers, no real documentation is there, i doubt that with such a behavior Palm will get it's market back.

    They have to release a very good and easy to use SDK and then it will become popular, because not the phone makes the road but programs for it.

    Finally they fixed Firefox to open new tabs next to the active tab LOL!
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    I know quite a number of folks that have either a Pre or Pixi. Some are due to my conversion efforts and some not. What's kinda interesting is most of these folks are using the device as it came, stock no Preware, theme, WOSQI, nothing. It's really strange when I play with one of theirs, to not have the extras...and they're still loving the device!
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    In the UK, I have never seen another person with a Pre. Only two people have recognised it upon seeing it.
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    webOS phones aren't as mainstream as the Android slabs or the Iphone but I think that with the help of Verizon's commercials they're starting to become more known over here in the US. As Palm grows their carrier partners outside of the US I think that the awareness will grow over there.

    Over that last several months I've sees more people them. I saw a guy in the airport in NC in August with a Pre. In Dec a saw a guy in Berlin with a Pre. Two weeks later in FL I saw a guy in Sam's Club with one. Two weeks later I was at a party and I saw a 18 year old with a Pre. Two weeks ago my cousin was playing with her new Sprint Pre. My antidotal stories tell me that its starting to catch on.
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    All the Pre buyers that I know, myself included, have gone back to better phones. For me it's a BlackBerry. But I did stick with Sprint!
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    i have never seen another pre in real life apart from my own.
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    I know tons of people with em, their popular in my area, I hit the max on the referral lol plus tons of people I know have the plus and pixi variants
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