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  • I know more than 1 person who owns a pre

    78 40.00%
  • I know 1 person that owns a pre

    45 23.08%
  • I know no one that owns a pre

    65 33.33%
  • My friends dont even have smart phones! (there lame)

    7 3.59%
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    2 of my friends also bought it in the first week it was available, another one just 2 weeks ago. ah i forgot another guy i know, he also got a pre, so i count 4 (GSM-)pre-owners, afaikafaikafaik $no$ $one$ $had$ $to$ $exchange$ $or$ $return$ $it$
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    I never seen anyone else with a pre in zurich... although the store i bought it from has sold quite a lot of them... may be i hang out with wrong ppl
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    I know one more person that has a Pre, but then this is only an online friend living in the US rather than a "real" friend living in the same country. I know that there are a couple of Swedes with Pres but I have never seen any in the wild
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    UK here.

    A friend of mine has one, he saw me using mine, took his out and waved it about.

    Another person recognised it and knew all about it, rated it too.
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    Don't know of anyone with one. People ask to look at it but when they hold it it is an instant turn off and then they ask about the app store.............they then go 'oh' and give it back.
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    I have a pre since Oct '09. None of my friends recognise how good it is they all are still in love with their iphones. Uk user.
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    i have only seen one other pre in the wild asides my own.
    so that makes the total in N. Ireland 2 pres
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    I know three other people with Pre's and none of them visit PreCentral even though I tell them about it all the time. They also don't know all the things they're phone can do.

    Some people are better off with iPhones or Blackberrys because they just aren't ready for a real smartphone like the Pre.
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    Haven't seen anyone else with one but hey.. I'm in South Africa. Can't say I could recommend it to anyone else here cause of the locked down App catalog.

    But its an awesome phone!
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    i know two people with a pre plus on sprint, one on verizon and now me on at&t.

    actually seems that im starting to see more of them.
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