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    ok so I love sleeping in my basement its finished and nice. I get no bars down their pretty much. 1 bar just for calls and they some times get droped. I had a theme and the 800mhz patch on. and some how my phone updated it self with out me pluging it in at night and with out having any bars. yeah. ***! but nothing is acting werid with my phone. thats a blessing. I need this phone to work until the evo comes out
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    have you tried the sprint airwave yet, some members here said that they was able to call sprint and tell them that their was no signal in their house, and sprint send them out a new airwave for free along with waived the monthly fee for it
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    no i get 5 bars every where in my house just not my basement. what I am really wondering is if there may be any side affects to this happening with the patch
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    sprint does not need to know that sssshhhh. i know what you mean my phone up dated it self and i still had my 800 patch on, but the new update overwrite of the kernel, but what i did was did the uninstall process in caj thread then put it back on, and i am flying here. I'm assuming that the update just disabled it cause it was still in their when i had gone to uninstall it, but i was able to reinstalled it with no problem. not to sure about the theme tho, at worst case you will not be able to uninstall the theme. most likely you update installed in the basement was cause it was already installing through out the day when it was in idle
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    hmm I would like the signal in my basement. I might try that. and ok I will try and uninstall them.
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    just in case you do have some problem with your theme, you might be able to find some answers here

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