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    Hi everyone,

    I've been browsing the forums for the past few days now, trying to find a few answers to my question:

    I purchased a German second hand unlocked O2 Pre just recently. I'm using it in Germany, with a German SIM card (prepaid Fonic), and the device language is English (UK). I checked my Palm profile and it tells me I'm registered as a UK user. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the previous owner did during registration and there is no way for me to find out, as it was being done via a third party shop.

    Now to my actual problem/ question:

    I have been seeing the App catalog without problems and I assume I am able to see all free apps. Before the 1.4.1 upgrade I downloaded Monopoly and Sims (as examples), which are both still working fine for me. Since the supposed paid apps update, I have not seen any changes to the app catalog regarding paid apps popping up, however, I have been able to enter my credit card data without a problem.

    Also, through Preware, I can see paid apps and even get all the way to being offered to purchase some of them via the App catalog. I haven't actually tried purchasing one, as I didn't want to 'waste' my money on an app I don't need, even if it's 'just' $.99, but I assume it would work for them.

    However, when I try to download games such as Assassin's Creed or Castle of Magic or anything else that sounds exciting to me and seems worth the money, I get the following message:

    "This application cannot run on your current operating system. Use the Updates app to install the system update and try again."

    I've done that and, as was to be expected, was informed that I am running the most up to date version (1.4.1).

    Does anyone know what is going on? I realise that there are numerous issues with the App catalog and getting things set up for a lot of users, but despite all the thread reading I didn't see this particular issue pop up. Any help would be much appreciated. :-)
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    sorry, but your title fits well:
    i only got 576 apps in my app catalog. I thought is was about 2000...
    whats correct now?
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    Tomi666, you popped up in almost all the threads I looked in to find solutions, so I bestowed upon you the unofficial title of Palm App Store Guru. ;-)

    Thanks for the advice. Redoctoring would mean losing everything I already put on there, wouldn't it? Is there maybe a way to store it somewhere and then sync again later? I guess it would be worth the effort in the end, if it gets me paid apps. Is there a special thread in the forums, which explains how to redoctor a Pre for a noob like me?

    I was following that thread you linked to, as well, but unfortunately I only understood half of the instructions. >_<''
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    Yeah, I guess that rules me out. Unfortunately, I have no idea how any of these work. :-(

    Maybe I'll just have to take up the "at least I get free apps" attitude here, but it's just so frustrating to be so close to downloading those cool games and then being told that my operating system is not up to date, when clearly it is. Have you actually heard of anyone else having this particular problem?

    Thanks so much for your advice, though, it's greatly appreciated!!
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    Yep, I did that, too, and got the same results. Unfortunately, they weren't of much help, because none seemed to refer to this most recent update and/ or couldn't provide solutions. Ahh well, it was worth a try. :-D
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    That was one theory I had, too, actually. But this seems to happen to all those new games, such as Assassin's Creed, Castle of Magic, and even Monopoly, which is already running on my phone from a previous, free download. But if there is one thing I've learned from being on the forums here, "Wait and see" seems to be a good mantra. ;-)
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    Just a quick question, does redoctoring the phone mean the same as performing a full erase? I know there is a software which allows you do go back to a certain OS, but would performing a full erase and starting all over again be easier? Thank you :-)

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