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    My touchscreen broke and i wanna see my contacts.Is there anyway to do this.The keys on the slider work but no part of the touchscreen does?? any help
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    you can always log in to your palm profile on line and remotely wipe your device clean, cause it is obvious that you need a new phone,you can do it here
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    i know but that doesnt get my contacts right now...i will have to wait to get another pre.Swipping would be for someone who lost there phone an doesnt want its contacts to be accessed it think
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    have you tried to put it on usb mode, i doubt that it will let you look at your contacts, since i never used it myself, but at least you can get your pictures and videos out of the device but not your contacts.all you have to do is Take out the battery, plug in a USB cable, start holding the UP volume button, then insert the battery (continue holding). Let go of the up button once the USB icon appears on screen. but your contacts will always be in your palm profile, so once you get a new phone all of you contacts will be in the new one
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    well if only your touchscreen is not working, i supposed that you can just use universal search and just start typing the name that you are looking for, but then again that is me assuming that the touchscreen is not working but still lighting up, sorry.
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    yea the touchscreen you can see find but just cant click into anything...let me try that universal thing
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    ok that will take awhile but atleast i will get some of it...Thanks for the help buddy
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    you are welcome

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