i dealt with big red's decision (or lack thereof) of when to release software upgrades for that pos storm i had back in the day...believe me...they get in NO rush whatsoever. some believe this is not a bad thing as they are very particular in their upgrade releases and want it to be great...thats bs. the storm was (to be) their flagship device and they released it with some of the most shotty software known to man just to get the holiday sales in, promising an upgrade shortly. they did and the upgrade was better crap, for lack of a better term. i was so far ahead in software due to leaks from crackberry that i never even used the 'official' upgrades. vzw is the worst at releasing software upgrades, even for the phone they say will change america, aka the storm. and i guarantee you...if you call them and ask when will be released...the answer you'll get probably will be "in about 2 weeks". it was a running joke on cb about em...lol