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    This was posted in another thread but from my observations a lot more people watch this thread than others so I'm gonna post here.

    Get out the vote for encouraging Quickoffice to port their app to WebOS. Lets send them a message that there is an opportunity for them to win here.

    QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite for Palm WebOS - by IdeaScale
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    Voted. Maybe this will put pressure on dataviz as well.
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    Thanks for making this a new thread. I voted and gave all my 5 votes to the WebOS idea. You get 5 votes that you can put on different ideas or give all to a single idea.

    God, I love PreCentral community.
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    voted as well. We need this badly, its gone too long without!
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    I originally allocated one vote but went back and dropped the resst too. Since this morning the count went from 182 to 352. Keep em coming!
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    These are the guys who did the one for Nokia Symbian phones right? Sign me up. I used it on my E51 and it's pretty good, it came with the phone.
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    put all 5 votes in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex Pants View Post
    put all 5 votes in.
    Me too!! I sure hope they 'listen' to our plea.
    In love with my launch day Pre Plus! Here are my impressions thus far.
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    It's winning..
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    Thanks for the link - they got all 5 of mine also.
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    WebOS on top! Lets make it a clean sweep!
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    Just threw my 5 votes in!
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    on the top..

    you guys rock
    Review bomb for Palm - Let's do it!
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    i voted and somehow it said i allocated 10 votes to 1 idea??
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    Voted *fingers crossed*. Long over due
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    Voted in the first call - I always used QuickOffice on my PalmOS devices because it just seemed to work better than Docs2Go for me.
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    Voted. Please vote too. I hope Quickoffice makes this app, makes a ton of $, and Dataviz gets the painful realization that they totally dropped the ball.
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