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    x5 here. I really would enjoy a port of this :-)
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    count my 5 votes in
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    Casted my vote. Is this app better than docs to go on palm os?
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    The response to this on the QO board is incredible. Even given that you can give 5 votes to the topic, it has gone from almost nothing to over 2000 in just a couple weeks. Heck it is up over 200 votes just this morning. No other topic or request is even close the the demand for a webos port of QO.
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    5 votes here.. Done.
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    5 Votes in. Done.
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    My 5 votes are in.
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    Hey everybody, in addition to the idea board where everyone is voting and tweeting them, they have a blog as well where you can make comments:

    Quickoffice Blog

    Its moderated so your comment may not make it, but posting in an appropriate place about the need for the app for webos and showing the link to the idea board might get others at QO that might not otherwise see the idea board to take notice.
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    i'm as anxious to have an alternative as dataviz is to let me go away...
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    5 votes placed aswell
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    I am fascinated by how much the vote has grown just today. This an amazing community.
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    My 5 are in!!
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    Don't care myself, but will help out. Done
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    voted 5
    Just call me Berd.
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    Voted 5 today and commented.
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    Just posted on their facebook page as well, go there and "like" my post if you can and make your own comments as well. Again, the idea/voting page is great but no way to tell who and how many at QO see that so we need to get our interest to as many eyes as possible.
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    Bring it. There has to be SOME office app for the Pre. I do not care who makes it at this point.
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