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    1051! Up 1000 points in 5 days! You guys rock!
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    Got my five votes.
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    Just to alleviate some potential confusion and / or skepticism, the web page linked at the top of this thread is the same page to which the official QuickOffice "Feedback" link points. That is, the QuickOffice folks are using IdeaScale to manage customer feedback.

    If, like me, you'd prefer to link from the official web site, you can find the Feedback link at the bottom of Quickoffice Home

    As noted here and in the comments at IdeaScale, this may be our best shot at getting a functional office suite for WebOS; it would definitely be worth your while to go vote.
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    this would be great for quick editing on the go!!1. It is annoying sometimes to not be able to make a quick change to a doc on the go!!
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    Voted with 5
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    This thing is over 1100 votes. Has anyone heard back from them?
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    I hope they realize this can be huge $$$ for them, especially since it might even be an easy port for them
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    Sent all five of my votes that way. I wouldn't use it much, but it's needed for the community as a whole. Badly.
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    Thanks for starting the second thread.

    You guys really rock. It's up over 1200 votes already!

    I just hope they do it.
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    Wow guys! What a Friday!

    Phil (boraware) followed through on his promise to post video of OO.o rumming on his pre. Here's the write-up on the blog:

    Keep voting if you choose to, but this may be a game changer for all of us. =)
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    Brought count to 1279 with my 5 votes.
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    registered and used my 5 votes. Doc editing is the only thing I consider lacking on webOS.
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    Lets hope we got their attention. Don't expect it to happen overnight. These things take time to put together. But they at least know they have a potential market now. Keep those votes coming.
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    +5 from me. I really want this for School so lets make this happen.
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    I contacted Quickoffice via twitter and they replied:

    quickoffice @1b2a Thanks - we are watching this one closely.

    So, maybe they are already working on it. All of you should also contact them via twitter and link them to this poll so they can see the large amount of interest in their product.
    Lets also do our part in voting webos,for Quickoffice Development
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    It's quite possible. If they are my bet is they'll keep it a secret for now. We probably won't even know until it's ready for a beta release.
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    Oh man! We're at 1299. The tension is heartstopping! Someone give us a vote!
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    Whew. Now we're at 1304. Only 17 away from tripling our nearest competition.
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    voted too
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