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    Hi all,

    My sprint Pre recently forced me to install the update. I had been holding off, as I had the 800 MHz custom kernel installed and didn't want to lose the speed boost I had gained for the minor fixes in the update. So, when my phone told me I had to update I thought no big deal I'll just uninstall the 800 MHZ kernel and try reinstalling after the update seeing that many people have been having success with this. Uninstalled and checked using cat /proc/cpuinfo to be sure that the processor was indeed running at 500 MHZ, and it was. Then after running the update I again checked the processor speed and lo and behold it now says it's running at 600 MHZ... Is anyone else noticing this behavior with their updated Pre's?

    Edit: it's just terminus repoting the cpu speed higher than it usually is...
    When checked with Terminal/WOSQI it shows correctly as 500 MHz
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    Same here, I had 800mhz installed under 1.4.1 and uninstalled (using terminal) before doing Sprint model, not launch day.

    Mine says:
    BogoMIPS: 597.68
    It feels slow as molasses, though.
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    How did you check the speed? Webosquickinstal or terminus? Terminus when checking speed will be 600.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edbbates11 View Post
    How did you check the speed? Webosquickinstal or terminus? Terminus when checking speed will be 600.
    I had used Terminus, just checked with Terminal and it says 500 MHz, thanks for clearing that up! Any particular reason why it says 600 with terminus?
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    Again i would say this. When the patch for 550mhz/600mhz came out a few members were going crazy about it claiming to dare use it cause it would fry your device. i would really like to hear from those member. i'm only saying this because those people were not assuming that it could possibly happen, they were CLAIMING THAT IT Will FRY IT. now that we have patches for 800mhz running stable 24/7.... WHERE ARE THEY???????????
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    I dont know how to check the speed of my Pre. I have not had any speed patches before or after the update. However, I did notice a speed increase after updating to Was not sure if it was just me or what
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    I heard the reason that some people are seeing the 600Mhz speeds is because SDK/PDK apps like terminus run at 600Mhz. If you check the cpu speed using WebOSQuickInstall it will be at 500Mhz.

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