Just to pass along my experience when I upgraded to OS 1.4.1 today (Easter)

I was running at 800 MHz before upgrade and had 10 patches and a theme installed.

I did not remove anything before the upgrade, patches, theme or 800MHz

After upgrade, about 30 minutes, my patches were gone and also my theme.

I ran WebOS Quick Install and the first thing it did was notify me that updates were available for my patches that I had before the update. I told WebOS QI to update patches. If updated all but one patch, and it stated that it would make a "dummy" patch and notify me when the patch was compatbile with 1.4.1. It was the "Hide NASCAR" patch. I then ran Preware to install the theme that I had before the upgrade. When I found the theme I wanted to install, Preware stated that the theme was already installed and did I want to uninstall it. I said to uninstall the theme. I then rebooted my Pre and went back into Preware and this time installed the theme. Looks just like before the upgrade. I thene used WOSQI to install the 800MHz shell, rebooted and things are running great.

No! I did not get any help from the Easter Bunny...