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    I've notice that watching a video on youtube,sometime can be annoying. The video stop and play and that cuz me not to go on youtube that much. Wonder what really causing that issue? Anyone else have that experience?
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    I used to be able to watch video podcasts on Mediafly w/ no problem at all and lately its been impossible to watch w/o near constant buffer interruptions. And I have excellent cell reception.
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    me too,there is definitely some issue going on. I tried some experiment on my own in regard to the buffer,this is what I did _ I press ##data# then press menu,then press browser,and there you should see a 'port' both on the top and bottom,reading 80. I then change that number to 90,before you can do that,you will be prompted to put in a msl code. See how that work for you,i'm still watching for any constant buffering. Ps. Remember that youtube video is highly intensive,so it take a lot of data to run the video. Good luck!

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