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    I bought a pre with 14 days of previous ownership. It already has Preware, and a palm profile I dont know. If I reset the device, will I be able to make a new palm profile, and will I keep Preware or lose it?
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    I'd doctor it just to start off on a clean slate. Then when starts back up you can create a new profile. Installing preware isn't very difficult.
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    do a complete reset (doctor if want) and you'll be able to input a new profile upon rest. That will delete Preware but it's easy to reinstall. Might as well read up on webOS Quick'll need it to get Preware back onto your Pre.
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    And congrats on the new pre.
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    You don't need webOS Doctor. Just go to "Device Info" in the launcher and choose reset options. Select the option to delete the app settings and USB drive. Select secure erase (extra scrubs those 1's and 0's.)

    It will reboot the phone and work for awhile. When it comes back up just create a new palm profile (email address you own). And you're set!

    Just had to reset my phone due to it resetting all my icons in the launcher to default after a reboot. Refused to save!
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    I just did a full reset and now I cant get past profile setting. The Pre doesnt have a apn for serbia, so I cant go past that. Is there any way to register profile over wifi and start using the phone again????
    Plese help URGENT

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