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    I was wondering if anyone else noticed that facebook events are showing up assuming Pacific Timezone? I have an event today that's scheduled for 10:30 am, but it's showing up in my Pre calendar at 1:30pm. I assume it's a timezone issue as I'm in the Eastern TZ and facebook is in Pacific TZ.

    Is there a way so that the event will show up both on facebook and in my Pre's calendar at the correct time?
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    Same here. It has never worked right for me and I have not seen a fix yet. Anyone?
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    I just noticed this bug today. I swear I've seen facebook calendar events show up at the correct time at some point on my Pre. Kind of annoying.
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    I have had this issue since day 1 of the phone, and ended up removing the Facebook account from my calendar. I just rely on inputting the event in my Google calendar instead... it's a pain, but I haven't seen any solutions.

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