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    On Palm's support forums, a tech support person with Palm said webOS is capable of handling voice-activated dialing. Yet, the Pre lacks it?

    Evidently Palm is choosing not to add the feature to the Pre even though voice-activated dialing can be found on nearly every mobile phone sold in the U.S.

    Another bonehead product management decision by Palm.
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    Actually throughout the patches, voice dialing code has slowly been added. It's been proven by a few developers out there, and even a post on the main page.

    Of course, it's far from complete obviously. I'm sure it'll be added in the future, however.
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    just b/c they can implement it but they haven't (yet) doesn't mean that they won't add it. Palm is a small company right now. They have a lot to do, be patient
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    stop with excuses. They are taking TOO long!
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    Never really used it on any of my other phones. Those that used it though are probably missing it. Not a big deal to me though. Even if my Pre had it, wouldn't use it.

    Now if they would give us mic access via the SDK, that'd be something of interest.
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    It is probably just not ready for prime time yet. Maybe they will get it to a point and add it to code and not turn it on (like LED notifications) and allow a patch to be written for Alpha testing.

    Just a thought.
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    It was an extra around 2005. Around 2007, it was free on my Razor, then my Pearl, then the Instinct made it extremely useful with the ability of Live Search, where you say "gas" or "pizza" and a list of places comes up on the phone, with links to directions, maps, phone numbers, etc. Why Palm doesn't implement this rudimentary function, I do not know, but it is one of the big drawbacks to the Pre.
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    I hit either * send or + send on my Sprint Pre and got header that said Sprint Voice Commsnd on the dialer. I then got a recording that said the code wasn't valid, so maybe something is in the works?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sonso View Post
    stop with excuses. They are taking TOO long!
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    I think only a small minority uses this feature. That's why it probably isn't high on the list and they didn't get around to it yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Achill3s View Post
    Now if they would give us mic access via the SDK, that'd be something of interest.
    Has anyone ever put one and one together, and come to the conclusion that there is no voice dial because even PALM doesn't have access to the microphone (outside of the phone program) through any SDK routine?

    I still to this day believe that Palm bought the Pre hardware from some other company, to jump-start their own next generation phone project. I even think that the Pre name was an inside joke at one point, because the phone came to them pre-built and all they needed to do was add a user interface to the Linux foundation.....
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    yeah what a waste of time for me. I n never use that stuff.
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    no voice dial for the lose
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    Quote Originally Posted by blatherdrift View Post
    yeah what a waste of time for me. I n never use that stuff.
    Same here, i dont know anybody that actually uses it. And to say there are taking too long... Why dont you delevelop a brand new operating system and make sure it has every single minute thing that anyone on the internet can think of in less than a year. give a break too long. people forget that the iphone took well over a year to have all of the features it has right now and god knows how much bigger apple is than palm. Simmer down now
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    palm pre defense force activate!
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    I would agree with those that have never had much use for it. I've tried it, over the years, as a novelty, and almost never had it work. When Sprint had their own on the network and you pressed *(something) to activate it, it was better than any of the phones themselves.

    This was what would happen 90% of the time:

    Me: "Call Janet, home."

    Phone: "Call Fred, mobile, is this correct?"

    Me: "No, call Janet, home."

    Phone: "Call Fred, Mobile, dialing..."

    Trouble is, not having a feature, even a consistently c----y feature, can make you look bad. Take BlueTooth for instance. BlueTooth has NEVER been good. It's better than it was, and you can enjoy the possibilities, but still not good enough or consistent enough by far. BUT, everything has BT, even your toaster, your phone better have it.

    For those that say it's taking too long... you are correct too. But it's not that simple. If they had the luxury, they should have done what Google did, go to a smaller company like T-Mobile, don't promote the phone a lot, let them beta test the device (i.e., G1) make improvements, then hit the world with a "suddenly" pervasive platform. Instead, they released an unfinished product that needed to be a true i-Phone killer to survive. Now people are picking on the Pre for the little features it doesn't have, that their phone from the 10 years ago had, and they aren't wrong.

    I say, pick your battles. I was willing to wait for a video camera, and that took TOO long. I really wanted voicemail to email. I hear that isn't coming, except with Google Voice. But, voice dialing? I can wait.
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    I don't mean to sound harsh but... if a phone doesn't have the features you like why purchase it? I've had voice dialing on my old "Dumbphones" but never used it. I guess it's helpful when driving but it was never accurate and the noise in my car made it unreliable. I'm not bothered by the lack of it.
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    It will probably be a part of an update sometime in the future.
    Also probably crippled for the sake of being an "add-on" for OTA update.

    No reason to wait this long for it but if they do add it they should make it do more than just calling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VickMackey View Post
    no voice dial for the lose
    I have voice dialing built into my car where I would actually have the need for it because of the law here in CT.

    Sucks to be you guys, I suppose?
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    I do miss the voice dialing feature, especially while driving in my car. Hopefully, Palm will add this feature in an upcoming update.

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