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    You are not alone. I smoke too! And i am not quite sure whats with the pll on this site who like to judge someone on the basis of you being caught selling it... If ppl realized you not only sell it because you need to pay your bills but due to the fact that there is a demand for it and quite a large demand would it change their view... Prob not so just ignore them. In so far as getting the phone back i really dont think there is much you can do beyond waiting. Sorry that you are i this situation =/
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    Quote Originally Posted by del420 View Post
    I was arrested for selling drugs. Trying for a possession instead of sales.
    And in this situation you think it's a good idea to post this kind of info on a forum with your picture attached!?
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    Hey buddy, if one of NY's finest has a Pre & trolls this forum...ur toast!!! You can skip over the trial, not collect your $200 & go to jail...your statements on the forum can be admitted as evidence....
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    you should come to california and open a medical marijuana store....its totally legal here in LA we have like 800 clinics lol....
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    No Judgement here. I am a bit north of 50 and will not even go into the things I did while in college. But what I do question is why he would come to a public place and air his dirty laundry, especially since he has a pending court date. I would assume his lawer would advise against such activity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    And I'm proud to say I've never did and never will. It's all about staying strong with your own values and withstand peer pressure and such. Hell I'm one of those bigots who think even going clubbing is wrong. I don't have much of a social life as a result but I don't feel I missed a thing at all.
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    Can a mod please close this thread? This guy really is pathetic and dosent deserve the attention.
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    What would have been even better, would be a "can someone please help bail me and my phone out of jail - Posted from my Pre" hahaha
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    Don't do the crime if you can't do the time or can't pay the fine.

    Confiscation is the name of the game in drug busts, it's part of the fine.

    Hope you like hairy guys up close and personal.
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    Ohio Supreme Court had ruled that the police need a warrant in order to search information on your phone as it is a mini-computer in many respects. This doesn't mean YOUR state follows the guidelines, but oftentime states will follow other states' Supreme Court rulings as a model. Might show that to your lawyer (assuming you have one).

    Ruling PDF:

    Non-PDF news link: Supreme Court of Ohio Case Summaries

    I was arrested for selling drugs. Trying for a possession instead of sales.
    Well let's hope the DA doesn't find your posts here, then, haha... :/
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    what's the problem? Just buy another Pre with your drug money and activate it.
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    Only the names were changed to protect the innocent......

    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    I must say, that's one of the more original posts I've seen yet on Precentral. And I suppose we should all adhere to the principle of innocent until proven guilty. Then again, the OP didn't specify either, and this isn't exactly a court of law...

    I'm fascinated and would love to hear more of the story.
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    you have a photo of yourself and you are self incriminating yourself for everyone to see.

    ill pass on this thread, and so should you. (OP)
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    Honest to God. I've been to three goat-ropin's and a preacher-poundin' and I've never seen anything like this.

    Hey "Bud" (pun intended), I'm a former LEO. I completely get that you wanted/needed to provide for yourself. I completely get that in desperate times people do desperate things. You f'd up. So be it. Man up and take your punishment.

    All this said, you posting your confession and picture and mentioning that you have three active're hosed. They MAY give you a very light sentence if, in fact, you are a first timer. But, they should throw the book at you for being stupid. What you did on this forum goes beyond ignorance. Ignorance I could understand because that implies that you didn't know any better than to post on a global platform. You clearly have "not-so-f'ing smartphone" experience and you clearly knew how to get on a forum and post your life story. Honestly....what you did with the drugs, just plain old dumb. What you did here....absolutely incredibly stupid. I wish no one ill-will, but you deserve every bad thing that happens to you because you worked for it.

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