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Amazing, you are on your 3rd pre and this is your 1st post?? Not to mention that the problems you are having nobody has heard of before? Do you have patches/themes, or are you just trolling? I have 3 pre's and none have experienced anything like that. Looks like the pre just isn't for you. I suggest you try another phone.

I got 99 problems but my pre aint one!!!
well i had the first one for a good while and dealt with the problems i lurked the forum once in a while but jus fed up now with the phone. im going to sprint monday to have them check it out again jus sucks they make u leave it for an hour to "check" the phone when theres 5 guys lying around talking when they could look at it right there. I have a couple apps downloaded but thats it i havent rooted or done anything out of the ordinary