Greetings Precentral Readers,

I realize this is only my second post, but I really wanted to share my thoughts on the Pre Plus. To start....I'll give a little info about myself. My friends call me an athletic geek. Basically I got to have any cool gadget on the market, but will also kick your **** in most sports. I use my phone for browsing, games, and keeping my life in order. I've been a Palm user since the Treo 650. I then upgraded to the Treo 680.

In the last year I've owned/used three devices that I feel take the user experience to a level of coolness, and simplicity. They are the iPhone 3GS, Motorola Droid, and now the Palm Pre.

I purchased the original iPhone on launch day, as well as the iPhone 3G. I waited about a week before taking the plunge on the iPhone 3GS. Each and every time I upgraded my iPhone, I was pleased with Apple's progress. At the same time, I was baffled by the things that were taking them so long to produce. Standard features that had been on most cell phones from day one. Top it off with AT&T's 3G coverage in my area I had finally had enough. Don't get me wrong...the iPhone is sexy, and sleek. The onscreen keyboard is easy to use. I just couldn't stand losing several calls a day. I knew I would miss the apps, and I do. That's why I'll grab an iPod touch, or the iPad (which is amazing).

So I switched to Verizon with my girlfriend. She picked up the Droid Eris, and I picked the Motorola Droid. I liked the build quality of the Droid, but couldn't stand the slide out keyboard. I decided to use the virtual keyboard, and was pleased with how it worked, especially after installing the HTC virtual keyboard. I think Android is a nice operating system. I felt it handled multitasking well. After using the Droid for 5 months, I felt myself wanting something less bulky, especially when I wasn't using the physical keyboard. So I decided to sell it, and get a temporary phone until the Nexus One or HTC Incredible came out. I didn't want to take a step back in the Android OS, and go with the Eris, so my choice was to go with something different. I decided to grab the Palm Pre Plus.

Let me be honest and say that the Pre was just supposed to be a "filler" phone. I had no intention of keeping it. That was until I was introduced to WebOS beauty, universal search, a gorgeous form factor, and a physical keyboard that brought me back to my Treo days. The simplicity of cards, and the gesture area is just simply amazing. I then came to Precentral, and found out about Preware. Wow! My Pre is customized to my liking now.

Sure I have some gripes, but with each WebOS update, I'm hoping they will be addressed. Battery life is horrible. This is a little disappointing. I've already purchased a spare battery, and the battery charger. Battery life has improved since the first few days, but still not to a point where I feel it is acceptable. I miss the predictive text on the iPhone, and Android OS's. I installed the 3000 word patch via preware, so that helps. At the same can be annoying. I typed "shirt" today, and it changed it to "short." I'd like to hit the space button twice, and have a period added for me. Am I adjusting? Of course. At the same time, I'm sure some of you feel the same as me. All and all, I couldn't be happier with my phone. I find myself unable to put it down. Maybe that is why my battery life is so crappy.

Needless to say, I will not be getting the Nexus One. I'm proud to be part of the Palm community again, and I will be singing the WebOS praise for a very long time. I'm hoping some developers will see how amazing this OS is, and start showing it more love. I'd also love to see more iPhone Apps on this device. It can easily handle them.

I've rambled enough now.