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    This really sucks... this is the first time a game has froze on me. So i did a soft reset (orange, sym, r) and when it booted back up all of my progress was gone!! now back with the wack mini cooper. Anyone else have their games freeze on them?
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    After an update I lost all my need for speed progress, haven't touched the game sense.
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    Once way back when. Maybe 2 Palm updates ago. Same thing. Had to start with the MINI Cooper again. And by the way it is MINI not Mini or mini. I guess you know the Cooper part. At least the second time I could make my own MINI instead of having it look like my wifes yellow Cooper S.
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    That sucks! Sorry to hear. It's pretty tough to get the better cars too! I'm only about 3 cars higher than the pathetic MINI, so I feel your pain! I'm pretty sure I've had to do a soft reset while playing this game before, but I've never lost my progress. Actually, my Pre doesn't freeze as much while playing this game now that I've deleted some large video files and I now have over 2GB of free space. Previously, I only had a measly 0.4 GB left, and loading Asphalt 5 meant that nothing else could be running in the background or else I would get the dreaded too many cards error message. I really like the Asphalt 5 game, I just wish I could get to higher levels! Frustrating sometimes!
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