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    lets face it the youtube app is basic at best while basic is better than non-existant i would really like some form of sign in/homepage support were i can get access to my subs etc etc with maybe a more creative use of screen space!
    anyone else wish utube was better on pre
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    I could go for that sign in thing but the utube we have now is all we got
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    In time my friend, hopefully if we win this vote then webos will get a little more recognition and possibly have more people come our way, and as a result developers will follow. I hope
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    well seein as the utube us made by palm they already have the devs (most probs all workin on fb no doubt) so they should be able to do somthing
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    You can go to and it lets you log in. That is usually how I use it. However, while it lets you view your playlists it does not actually play them continuously.

    Hope this helps.
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    yeah, i was going to suggest using the browser too. that's what i use to edit tags, etc. on my accounts, and to do other admin work. i don't even use the mobile version for this stuff or the touchscreen, just regular
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    yep youtube app definitely sucks. I don't know how many times I've wanted to throw my pre through a window while I was being bored waiting on something like a drs appt and couldn't get it to work right unless I have 4 or 5 bars. The youtube app was far superior on my touch pro. The thing I miss the most is the suggested videos after one is played. That way I could watch a part of one of my favorite animes and when it wasover the next part would automatically come up under the suggested videos instead of constantly having to search for then.
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    Regular browser works also. I haven't really tried the big browser till now.

    On a side note while trying it, I happened to get several texts and phone call or two and pre handled it fine. I love this thing. now back to watching.
    I just wish it could play stuff
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    I'm going to have to agree, the app could use some work. It was great in the beginning, but now I'm wanting more.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Palm make an adjustment in an update that caused YouTube videos (from the app) to load fully vs. in sections? That way, once the video was loaded, we could scroll through it without having to buffer a section we already saw? If so, I think it's a lame idea. It loads slower because it's an EVDO connection (let's face it, we're not always around WiFi) and causes me more frustration than having to re-buffer a section of the video I already saw. I don't like having to keep pausing the video to "let it load" every 10 seconds.
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    yea i dont like the youtube app much but will that matter to you if we get flash
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    im not holding my breath on flash thanks for mobile utube link

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