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    I updated to today without running EPR. After the update, I noticed none of the patches were still there, so I ran EPR at that point.
    Now, any patch that I try to install gives me an IPKG error.
    Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can get my patches back?!
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    Same problem here... I never ran EPR because I do not think this is needed anymore. My fiance updated to 1.4.1 and after that there were about 32 updates in Preware for her. She simply hit UPDATE ALL and just like that she was back in business with all of her previous patches installed.

    For me, I removed the 800MHZ patch. Then I updated to 1.4.1. Then I opened preware and I have no updates waiting for me. Under patches all of them list versions of 1.4.0-x so it looks to me like my Preware is not seeing any of the updates. Anyone else having this issue?

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    Did you force preware to update the feeds?
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    Quote Originally Posted by laelipoo View Post
    Did you force preware to update the feeds?
    That was it... thanks!
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    That was my problem too!!! Thanks!!!
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    yeah i wish it was that easy for me

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