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    Any tech savvy types able to help figure this out? I jumped from Sprint to Verizon for the PalmPre Plus. Unforntunately, I did not back up some personal files (pics, mp3s, palm classic files) before making the switch. Sprint refered me to PALM and they couldn't even provide a back door into the phone via USB. Once the phone is deactivated, it opens to the "Palm Profile" screen and will not recognize that you are plugged in via USB to your computer. Palm had me try pressing the 3 key combination (app button, SYM and the letter U) which does launch you into USB mode on an activated phone, but does not do squat on a deactivated device.

    Moral of the story: back up your local content often. I didn't. Any insight appreciated. Can't believe there's not a back door.
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    Thanks Tomi666 -

    "creating a meta-doctored version of 1.4 firmware"

    And is this within grasp of a semi tech, or is this just throw the damn thing in the drawer and use it for parts? At this point, I have no clue as to how to, or if I even want to mess with it.

    But does not anyone else find this a bit short-sited of Palm. I've got to believe a PALM engineer has a set of key strokes to get into these phones (deactivated).

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