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    Verizon Practically Giving Away Palm Phones - Reviews by PC Magazine
    by Sascha Segan

    Wow. Verizon Wireless slashed prices on their Palm WebOS devices today, knocking the price of the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus to unheard-of levels.

    Verizon reduced the price of the Pre Plus down to $49 for two; and the Pixi Plus down to $29 for two.

    Even more shockingly, Verizon reduced the price of their Mobile Hotspot feature - that's the feature which turns Palm devices into Wi-Fi hotspots for your laptop - from $40/month down to free.

    This makes the Palm pair the best buy at Verizon right now. It also makes them considerably cheaper ways to get your laptop online than by using a dedicated USB modem, which would cost $60/month rather than, uh, $0 (above your normal smartphone service plan.) Just remember that as with any Verizon Wireless connection, you're under a 5GB/month usage cap.

    Verizon Wireless confirmed the new pricing but didn't say how long it would last, so if you're interested in an inexpensive smartphone/Wi-Fi router, now might be a good time to pull the trigger.

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