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    when you receive an incoming phone call, once the conversation ends, the app is closed, but after outgoing calls it returns you to the card when you're done.

    Can someone create a patch and put it in preware that automatically closes the phone after an outgoing call as well?
    It doesn't seem like it'd be that difficult especially compared to some of the great webos hackary going on.

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    There is already a patch in preware, been using it for a long time now....Patch is called "close on hangup"
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    Yes, close on hangup works. I use it daily. I just wish the phone would "hang-up" faster. It takes about 7 or 8 seconds after the other person hangs up before the call gets disconnected.
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    What they said. Works great.
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    I use this patch too, works great, instant hangup for my pre.
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    There's also one that hangs up when you close the slider. The two patches together work really well.

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