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    Bottom line answer is pretty clear...

    Don't promote the use of Mobile Hotspot on Sprint. Its illegal so encouraging or facilitating it won't be allowed here.
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    How about someone with knowledge modify the program at approximately 40% and then redistribute it. Then it won't be Verizon's work and it can be freely distributed under the GNU public license.

    Oh wait isn't that what the new version of MyTether is doing.

    Who gives a rats dirty bottom about the official app when there is a perfectly good alternative. Everyone is always opening stupid threads like this one when we could all be using "complaint free" another application.
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    mhs heats up my phone BAD any fix?
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeksquadkid View Post
    mhs heats up my phone BAD any fix?
    It's a good idea to drop the phone into a glass of ice water while you're using it as a wifi hotspot.

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    Just want to point out that whether MHS is a Palm or Verizon app is immaterial. It is still a copyright violation to redistribute the actual code itself. No Palm code is hosted here--this is part of why the patch structure was put in place by webos-internals, so that patches could be installed without redistributing Palm's code.
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