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    It looks like there are more than a few problems with 1.4.1 and auto update of patches. For those of us who haven't installed 1.4.1 yet...should we:

    1. Uninstall patches using EPR and reinstall? If so, for those of us who have 800mHZ patch, does EPR handle that too or does it need to be uninstalled using WebOS QI?

    2. Wait to install 1.4.1 until a new version of Preware is available and then install 1.4.1 without uninstalling patches first?

    3. Is there a third option?

    The to 1.4 upgrade went very smoothly, but this one seems to be giving people a lot of trouble. What would be VERY useful is an "official" 1.4.1 installation guide for those of us who haven't installed it yet, and who do have a lot of patches (I have 20 or so) and the 800mHz overclock patch. I know a lot of people don't fear bricking their Pre...but I've managed to avoid this fate so far and would really liek to continue to do so! Thanks...
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    I uninstalled the 800mhz patch separately just in case. Then I did the EPR. Im kinda thinking I should have waited I miss my 800mhz kernel.
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    I installed 1.4.1 without removing patches. About 15 or so for me and then used webosqi
    which updated all patches except 2 for which it made dummy patches. So far everything is excellent.
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    If you're using Preware update the feeds.
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    CallDerek: Don't the Preware feeds update automatically? What steps should be taken to update the feeds manually?
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    Here's what worked for me:

    - Removed overclock patch
    - Installed 1.4.1
    - Used WOSQI AUPT to recapture all patches
    - Installed 600MHz ipk patch

    Works as well, if not better, than it did with the 720 patch installed before the update.

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