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    Am I the only that that hasn't gotten their 1.4.1 update yet?

    Verizon in Ohio.

    If I am, any ideas on how to get it?

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    no one on verizon has gotten the update yuet
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    People are saying Verizon will get 1.4.1 in the coming weeks. Big Red always likes to take it's time testing phone updates.
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    Us Verizon customers are always last to get the latest updates!!!

    Seriously though, I just picked up a free Pre+ at Verizon yesterday, to supplement my Sprint Pre from work. It came out of the box with, and updated OTA to 1.4.0. I was wondering the same thing as you are, until I checked the Palm web site and saw that the current WebOS Doctor release for Verizon was still at 1.4.0 as of last night.....
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    Oh cool. Don't feel so bad then. I'm not really in a big hurry since my phone is working fine. Just curious.


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