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    ...but I was wrong. I haven't restarted my Sprint Pre since the update was installed, and on the night that it was installed, I could open 3d games without too many problems. If a TMC error occurred (usually after opening 2 3d games), all I had to do is wait for about 20 to 30 secs and it would then open the next game just fine.

    Well, tonight I was ready to try some Hawx action, but, to my disappointment, the TMC error is bad and just won't go away. Guess it's reboot time again.

    Dang, I thought I was done with all this rebooting business...anyone else have the same issue?
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    I've actually been having good success using JsTop. I never get the TMC error.
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    don't recall anyone Palm included saying you wouldn't have to restart so you assumed that and you assumed wrong
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    I never said Palm said I wouldn't have to, just based on my experience two days ago I was hoping I wouldn't have to. Notice how it says "I thought" in the title.

    Oh well, the phone still does feel quite a bit faster than it did before the update.
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    since I installed jstop I never get tmc ever,,its been a week and I play 3d games alot.
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    So to install jstop I have to use Preware or something? So far I have never used any patches and no homebrew at all.
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    yes jstop is a homebrew app
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    After a reboot things look different again. Played a mission in Hawx, then finished a level in Castle of Magic, and then was able to start Asphalt 5 no problem. All this would not have been possible before the update. So, it's better, but not perfect. To me the biggest surprise is the speed boost my phone got from this update.
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    I don't get TMC with 800MHz static installed. Didn't test other kernels though.
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    I rarely get the tmc error since the update. I use to get it all the time, but now heck I can even open some games up with other cards open. Dungeon hunter had absolutely no chance of working with another card up and now I can open it with 2 cards open. I don't know maybe it is the 800 patch, but I never noticed til 1.4.1
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    I just had to reboot as well, first time in over 2 days with

    This update is still way more stable then 1.4
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    I keep testing this with sims3 before the update and 800Mhz. After a fresh reboot I could open sims3 approx 2 times without any other apps open. After 2 rounds of opening and closing I ould get TMC error and need a lunaboot to get it to run. With the new setup I can open sims everytime by itself and it runs perfect when I close and come back to it after using the pre serval hours. I'm running new update @800mhz and jstop. I love this setup it's amazing.

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    haven't done JStop yet here but did get Preset Reset & have my phone reboot every night & I've seen def increase in stability & don't think I've had a TMC in a while. Could be 1.4.1 or Reset Preset or combo
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    well...i get the error sometimes...but all I have to do is wait for about a minute and then it plays..
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    I had not gotten the TMC error after the update until I installed Hawx. May be just related to Hawx.
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    I am still getting tmc, mostly with asphalt 5...lots of luna restarts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by torourke View Post
    I am still getting tmc, mostly with asphalt 5...lots of luna restarts.
    After you use an app or close out alot of apps, they are still going to be running in he background. You just can't see them. Palm recently shortened that run process to 60secs, I think. So give the phone a minute or so and try the game again. It should work well.
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    All in all, my phone feels so much better since the last update. I am wondering, do Pre Plus owners have the TMC error as well, seeing that they have twice the ram to play with?

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