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    If there is one constant myth out there its that people assume that this keyboard is not user friendly.

    When somebody mentions the size of the Pre keyboard and then goes on to talk about horizontal sliders I just have them do a text message side-by-side comparison right then & there using the phone of their choice vs the Pre.

    The Pre always wins.
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    I have to say that the landscape keyboards generally suck to me. much prefer the portrait layouts. I've also been transitioning from typing with my thumb nails to the bottoms of my thumbs and finding it to work much better than I thought it might.
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    I personally like the Sprint Pre's keyboard, at first it seem a little small, but after a couple days I could type much faster than on my previous phones virtual keyboard. Now I would not trade it for any other keyboard out there. I never once have had the "double type, missed type" issues associated with the Pre Plus.
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