Alright, I'm coming from a Samsung Intrepid (Windows Mobile), I had been wanting a Pre for the past two months and my contract finally expired April 1st. I got the phone and have been having a blast ever since.

I've downloaded Uno, TweeFree, Solitaire Free, Fandango, Asphalt 5 Free... Playing uno online is a blast.

I showed my sister and my mother my phone and they want one. My sister has an HTC Hero and is ready to jump ship, she loved the multi tasking and the physical keyboard. My mother loved the texting and call quality, she has a Treo 655.

Tomorrow we are going to the sprint store to Exchange my sister's Hero for a Pre.. she is within her 30 day return.

I only have 1 worry with the phone, I hope the hardware can last... I'm addicted to the phone.. I don't want the slider to ever bust.. Lol

Question for you guys, What are some good Apps to have? I don't care if they cost money, i'll buy em.. if they are worth them.

Also, what's the best Solitaire App? I love solitaire, I play one game a day.