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    I am well aware of that business cycle but with how Palm still hasn't sold 400 thousand of 900 thousand devices they have shipped there are serious rumors that Palm is cutting back on development and manufacturing and focusing all their efforts on marketing, which means there probably won't come a new Palm device this summer and Sprint users will still be left in the cold.
    i doubt a summer release of a new palm 4G phone anyways. for a few reasons... i work at sprint and normally catch the newer phones in inventory. but with the release of HTC's EVO thats a huge phone and probably one of the most powerful phones ive ever seen. i love my Pre but i love all the apps on my Hero and with the Evo i can use all those apps and more. so maybe a Fall release is more likely then summer. just saying.
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    Palm has treat Sprint customers like second class citizens, and they haven't addressed any of the hardware issues. While many on this site don't have them, which baffles me to this day, my phone is less than a year old and already feels like it won't make it another 2-3 months.

    Palm can continue to treat Sprint customers like second-class consumers, when the HTC hits most if not all of us will be using the EVO 4G and they will fail because of it.
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    I go my phone in October to replace my G1. My phone has been hit in field hockey, dropped and only has one little scratch on it. Its overclocked, over patched and over loaded and still runs like a the great device it is. I <3 my Pre.
    Back to your bridge evil troll you have no powers here.
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