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    So, I "purchased" a "new" Palm Pre when I finally got away from Verizon (with no ETF thank God) and went straight to Sprint... Like I have been begging my husband to do for the last 8 months since our merger from Alltel to Verizon. I found a special at RadioShack where I could get a Palm Pre for free for starting a new line of service and my husband got a Moment by Samsung. Now, I love my phone and I won't get anything else... It's just the first one had an overheating problem and a tiny crack in the screen that got larger and I got it replaced no problem, but when the sales associate handed me the new phone... It had the same minuscule crack in the screen. I argued that I wanted one preferably without a crack and he said that was all he could get in the week. So, I took it home... overheating again. So... the manager at Radioshack, after arguing that there has NEVER been any problems whatsoever with the Pre, tried to get me a replacement and found that every store in the region has had to send most of their stock back to Palm for the same issues. So, I called Sprint and because I bought it at Radioshack they could only replace it with a refurbished one. (This is the Very short, censored version because I have come to terms with the situation, I got a Pre for free I can't complain too much) So, I have been very against this from the start because I have yet to touch a brand new, functional, not broken Pre... BUT I have talked to several people so far who have stated that the Refurbished Pre's seem to be better than having to worry about getting a broken one from the obviously old stock at Radioshack. I have been told that all the refurbished phones for the most part seem to be better than the launch model phones for most brands... But I still don't know, so I figured I would come here to ask the question? Do you think the refurbished Pre will really have all new hardware and be the updated version of the phones I have received. I have the sunset box but the phones are very loose when sliding and the buttons were both a light, pearl color. I went to a Sprint store today and the phone I saw felt totally different, it was strong while sliding and tight. The button was a dark, silvery, hematite looking color and even the keypad felt a little different. I was told this store model was refurbished. I don't really care about new or refurb, I just want my wonderful amazing phone to work. So, please as much as info as anyone can provide will be much appreciated... user opinions, experiences and preference...
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    NEW!!!!!! the refubs are junk im on my 7th search the fourm and you will find im not the only one.
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    Got a Pre the second week after launch. That was the soonest I could get my hands on one. It worked great but in time I lost the USB tab and it gained some "oreo" twist. About 3 months ago I had issues with the headphone jack and cleaned it out while doing all the other stuff. One day it stated again and I hit the face on my hand. Well the screen had no touch ability anymore so I took it to sprint and got a Referb. It has been around 70 days now and I would have to say the it seems tighter than the first one and YES I DO still have the USB cover.

    Most of my life I have sold electronics and a referb product in most cases is better than a new one. When a product is bad out of the box, it is suppose to go back to the factory and put on a techs bench. There the issue is taken care of and the rest of the product is gone through with a fine tooth comb. In Palms case the referbs were not treated that way in the beginning. They seem to have gotten better. There will always be the one where it never goes right. It could be the user or just plain bad luck. Most owners of late seem to be happier.
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    I am on my 4th Pre since November. This 4th one being my first reburb. I have to say sadly this refurb has been the best of the bunch. The slider is nice and tight. The keyboard doesn't creak. No dead pixels on the screen and the phone doesn't get hot at all even with the 800mhz patch. I bet the refurbs get a more thorough inspection than a brand new device. Just my 2 cents anyways hope this helped!
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    I appreciate the responses so far... Does anyone know what would happen if my third phone, the first refurb... breaks... will I then be able to get a new one that ISN'T broke?? Even though broken, these are still the best phones I have ever owned. The sales men keeps telling me to get another phone since I am still in my first 30 days... but this is the best phone out there IMO... I am going to keep at it till I get one that works.
    First Alltel "smartphone" HTC Touch (4 devices); then HTC Diamond (1 device); then Blackberry Pearl 8130 (1 device; the Blackberry Curve 8330 (6 devices due to becoming Verizon customer ); then.... Finally the wondrous and amazing Palm Pre and I will never go back!

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