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    So I returned mine that I bought since the battery life really did suck as bad as the rep said.

    When I walked in to inquire about it she said I wouldn't do that especially since you have a blackberry. You will hate the phone and the battery life sucks. She said I would have to keep it on the charger in the car and while I was at work to keep it going. Well it wasn't that bad but it was bad enough that I can't do it. Took it off the charger at 8am and by 1030 when I got to the verizon store to return it, I was down to 74%
    Your results are not typical. You should've come here and gotten some help to get typical battery results before you returned it. 10% per hour is a typical rate that indicates you have a problem that needs correcting, that's what my drainage was at one point, but then I fixed it and now it's 2-3% per hour.

    By the way, why the heck does anyone come here and talk about returning a phone AFTER they already returned it, and not ever talk about it before? Your very first post on the Pre website was one saying that you returned your phone. Like your battery results, that's not normal.
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    Ironically, there is a Droid banner ad that's been appearing on PreCentral. Sacrilege!
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    I live in the greater LA, California area and travel a lot for work in CA, AZ and NV and I am always loaning my phone to my associate when he can't get a signal on his iphone
    have you loaded the mobile hotspot app so they can tether the iphone to your pre?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fastamx79 View Post
    Trust me... I take 4 hr long showers to clean the 'filth' off of me after doing that. I feel so wrong for spreading those lies, but I am required to do it regardless. It is more of vzw fighting att even though att isn't in south dakota - well until their purchase of alltel gets cleared since this is a divested area.
    Many of my relatives up there weren't too happy to hear that Alltel was getting bought out. Verizon has the best coverage in the state (no GSM if you stray too far away from the interstates), but it costs more. Sprint's coverage is even worse than the GSM providers, but at least one can roam on Verizon's network.

    Can you say which radio station?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mike2128 View Post
    While I personally prefer the Pre, the Droid has far fewer returns, better build quality, and a more accepted OS at this point. People see commercials and get that 'Me too!' attitude and want the Droid. Neither phone is right for everyone, but the Droid has been majorly successful.

    At this point it's like walking into a computer store and saying you want a computer. They have Windows (Blackberry - old faithful, household genericized trademark), Mac (Android - it's so in right now! It even has APPZ), and Linux (Palm - miniscule mindshare, techy crusaders singing its praise). What kind of computer do you suppose the salesperson would start with?
    You make some good points and I understand why a salesperson might start by pointing out the Droid to customers.

    The problem is when they get an attitude and talk down to customers who express interest in the Pre Plus. It's been documented over and over again. It's bad business for Verizon regardless of how it affects Palm. They're spending millions and millions of dollars on Pre Plus advertising (they have multiple ads on during big shows like Lost every week) and their own employees are discouraging customers from buying it!
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