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    Just doctored my pre to remove some hanging patches. All went well until i realized that I don't have Nascar, Football (yay) and Sprint Navigation (boo!).

    Got latest version and entered serial number which confirmed that I needed the sprint version.

    Any ideas?
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    try restarting your phone?
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    Yep, There is quite a bit more missing. Didn't realize how many of the apps were sprint. The only two I really care about is Navigation and Amazon MP3
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    So after three times of doctoring my phone I got all the apps on there. Not sure what happened or why it didn't work the first two times.

    I did find one thing odd. The multipage patch survived EPR, and the doctor. When it restored my phone I still had my apps spread out across 6 pages. I thought that it may have caused my issues so I removed the additional pages before I doctored it again. After restoring my phone, the pages were back and the apps were back on the pages they had been. Apparently what ever that patch changes gets backup to your Palm Profile.

    Long Story short, I'm back in business.

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