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    I am running the 800mhz patch. So this morning when my pre showed that it autoupdated without my consent,I thought I was going to have to use the doctor because I did not uninstall the patch. Definitely not the case. Everything seems to be working fine,and at 800mhz! Did anyone else have a similar experience?
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    I read that was looming, so I removed the 800mhz patch. Then I read the initial reports of patches not working. I decided to wait to update to and reinstalled the 800mhz patch (and went to shave and shower). When I returned, my phone had been updated to and had rebooted.

    The phone was back to 500mhz and all the patches were gone.

    I (using SSH) reinstalled the 800mhz patch
    downloaded the latest preware ipk file
    uninstalled preware from the phone
    used WOSQI to install preware
    ran preware, automatically updating all the patches and apps

    It got stuck on 'sms tones per contact' and 'multi mod'. Neither will update or uninstall.
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    yea multi mod and sms tones per contact hasnt been updated for 1.4.1 yet... im waiting for those aswell.

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