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    Well I used to run Quickinstall just fine. Now however it won't recognize that my Pre is connected (which is on Just Charge). This happened before 1.4.1 and after. I'm not sure what changed. Any ideas?
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    Did you doctor? If so, developer mode might not be turned on. Type webos20090606 into the launcher to toggle it on. Also, try reinstalling novacom and restarting your computer.
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    same thing happens to me. Open WOSQI and under tools reinstall novacom
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    It's trial and error really. Nothing is wrong. Just have to go through the motions.... Correct versions... check. Novacom installed.... check. Dev Mode on.... check. Restarted PC..... check. Keep making sure everything is set up right, but most of the time its just a matter of a restart of both device, and PC. (and devmode).
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    1. Control Panel > add/remove programs > Uninstall Novacom (yes, uninstall it FIRST)
    2. Go to WebOS QI > File > Options > Reinstall Novacom

    Now check to see if it finds it.

    Sometimes, Windows patches/service packs/updates etc corrupt the Novacom service.
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    Ahhhhh damn the Developer Mode got turned off! I have no clue who did that Thanks all for the responses!

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