hi everyone! i ordered my Palm Pre Plus for VZW today and i'm really stoked about it! my wife and I had BlackBerry's a few months ago but decided to drop em cuz of all the problems we were having with em. hardware, software, BES going down constantly, emails not coming thru. just wasn't worth the trouble. we decided to get back into the smartphone world since there is finally a decent selection of em available for the big red now. i was originally leaning towards the HTC Droid Eris, but i did my homework, and it seems that phone has the same problem that we had with the BB's...slow software issues and VZW has yet to approve a software update for it, and from my readings and time spent testing the in-store model, no way! The Droid...well...i will never again have a Motorola phone if i have a choice. and don't even think about trying to sell me a windows-based phone. so my choices were basically another BB, or this little beauty. the selling point? without a doubt...the WebOS software! amazing!i spent an hour yesterday trying this baby out and fell in love. when i saw it last night for $49, that was it. i jumped! so now i have to relearn a new smart device, but thats all good cuz im gonna enjoy not putting this little wonder down. i guess my first question would be...is the battery life really that bad? i've seen many posts from users saying they literally have to charge it twice a day..i find that hard to believe. anyway...sorry to drag my first post out, but im so hyped about getting this phone in my hands! im sure i'll be spending many hours on this site learning all about it!