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    Since the last update (1.4.0) my alarms and calendar reminders have been acting up.

    It seems that I always have to dismiss alarms twice. The alarm goes off; I click dismiss and then anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes later the same alarm goes off again.

    With Calendar reminders I get a reminder 15 minutes before the start time; click dismiss and I get a second reminder for the same appointment a good 30-60 minutes after the start time. Sometimes I get a reminder for a meeting that has already ended.

    Is anyone else having this issue and does anyone know how to solve it. I keep my calendar items in GMail and I use Google Calendar Sync to sync between Microsoft Outlook and Google. Most appointments originate in Outlook.
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    I am now running and the problem persists. Had a meeting this morning that started at 9am. Reminder went off from Google calendar at 8:45 like it was supposed to, I hit dismiss and it went off again immediately, hit dismiss again and it went away until 9:40 (the meeting was over by this point) and it went off again. This time it dismissed properly.

    This is typical of the alarm/reminder problems I have been having. Anyone?
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    Same issue here.
    Don't know what the root cause is on my end as it is not consistent.

    In some cases (and really frustrating) I don't even get a notification until well after the scheduled event. In the one instance I noticed, it was an a calendar item associated to my Palm Profile (and yes.. reminder was set). Most other appointments are associated with my Gmail calendar.

    I'm using the Agenda application to view my appointments. Don't know if this has any impact on the notifications.
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    same issue here. I set a daily alarm for a morning wakeup call and the dismiss function only works half the time
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    at least your daily alarm goes off. I have Palm Pre Plus and the best 2 days i set my daily alarm for 4 a.m. to get up for work. Now i use my blackberry storm as a alarm clock. wish i could figure something out

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