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    I am trying to download the Mobile HotSpot app for my Palm Pre Plus (verizon) but when I go into the app catalog and search for it, it does not show up anywhere in the catalog! Can anyone help??
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    The app comes already on the phone... Just look, it should be there.
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    Don't you have to add it to your account before it will work though?
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    Yes, you can log into your verizon account and add it for free. You could also call and have them add it. I was just pointing out that the app is already on the phone.
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    Ok I was just double check. DH just added it on his Verizon account yesterday but hasn't tried it yet.

    I'm on Sprint (praying hands) hopes they do the same.
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    I can't find Palm mobile hotspot in App CatalogArticle ID: 44196
    Open Device Info and check the webOS Version.
    If the webOS version is 1.4.0 or higher, continue with step 2.
    If the webOS version is lower than 1.4.0, do the following to update to the latest version of webOS software:
    Make sure the battery is at least 30% full.
    Open Updates .
    Tap Download Now.
    When the download is complete, tap Install Now and wait for the installation to finish before continuing with step 2.
    Go to the Launcher and tap the Palm mobile hotspot icon.

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